Camel Rides

Camel rides

Imhoff Farm is the only destination around Cape Town where you have the opportunity to ride a camel, either for a short roundabout experience, or a longer ride through a tranquil natural area with stunning views.

If you think camel riding is like riding a horse, you really should try it. Just getting off the ground is an experience. And once those two front legs finally rise after you’ve been tipped forward by the rear ascent, you’re two meters up and in for a jerky saunter.

Kids love riding our gentle giants, but don’t let that put you off joining in too. You wouldn’t be the first hesitant adult to find this little adventure surprisingly fun.

Rides can be booked at the hut by the entrance to the courtyard. In busy periods, it is worthwhile putting your name down for a later slot when you arrive.

2 new Camels have arrived at Imhoff Farm!

On the 6th of September two new young camels arrived at the farm. After a long drive of almost 20 hours covering more than 900 km they finally arrived, two very tired camels!
The two young ones were welcomed by Izak, Ligman and Barak who immediately surrounded them protectively and proceeded to take them on a tour of the farm.

Coming from the desert conditions of the Kalahari Imhoff Farm is a true Garden of Eden for camels. They could not believe their eyes seeing the lovely high green grass, in fact they were not interested in the lucerne we offered them and ate only grass for the first couple of days.

The very next day they were called to start working. Everything was new to them and they had a lot to learn. Luckily camels are very clever animals and having three older camels show them how it is done makes it really easy to work with them.

Rambo and Jabulani are proud to be part of the small camel herd at Imhoff Farm and will be offering rides to children until they grow big and strong enough to take adults.