Snake Park

Snake Park

Imhoff Snake Park – reptile sanctuary and rehabilitation centre

Rated one of the Beautiful South’s ‘must do’s’, Imhoff’s Snake Park is a reptile sanctuary and rehabilitation centre. It’s also an excellent destination for anyone interested in observing and learning about some of the most fascinating reptile species.

Once you get passed the male-mad African grey parrot (Yes, he actually wolf whistles at men!) and the alligators (Did you know that alligators and crocodiles obtain 90% of their energy from the sun?), you’ll find some interesting snakes and reptiles from around the world.

The blue-tonged skink, for example, is a fat creature with minute legs that looks like a cross between a snake and a lizard. Could it be living proof that snakes once had legs?

Other residents well worth observing include the awesome 3.5 meter long yellow anaconda, Californian King snake (which feeds on venomous rattle snakes), Mozambique spitting cobra, Burmese python, yellow rat snakes, and the African rock python (reputed to be the most intelligent snake in Africa).

Shaun is usually on hand to divulge fascinating facts about the animals. It’s also worth remembering that the Park contributes to saving species from extinction and protecting the natural environment they depend on.

The Snake Park also runs special educational events for schools and fun shows for birthday parties. The same is true of the nearby Higgeldy Piggeldy Animal Farm, which is why many groups choose to combine a visit to both.