Francoise V Gallery and Interiors



Francoise Van Vuuren – the gallery’s owner, curator and head artist – has had a lifelong dream to own a fine art photography gallery. The gallery also showcases the work of two up-and-coming photographers, Sally Wellbeloved and Alex Serafini.

Growing up in Botswana, Francoise always had an appreciation for nature, wildlife, culture and the simple beauty that surrounds us. She left Africa to travel and see the world. Through documenting her travels and the unique people that she met along the way, she soon discovered that photography was her true passion.

Upon her return, Francoise studied photography and learnt the craft that would help her express her vision. She also completed a Fine Art Photography Masterclass, where she learnt new techniques to create multi-media artworks.

Francoise has been fortunate enough to channel her appreciation of life through the art of photography and in the process fueled her desire to capture great beauty and the richness of the human spirit. She gets lost in creating an artistic interpretation of what she sees through her own eyes.

At Francoise V Fine Art Photography Gallery, the artists’ passion for the wilderness, natural splendor, culture, the beauty of Africa and wild places is evident. The artwork conveys a strong sense of beauty, freedom and spirit. There is a combination of large framed art pieces as well as smaller unframed prints.

Come and have a browse at this new beautiful creative space and enjoy the visual energy that our beautiful country has to offer.

Francoise V