Zizamele Ceramics

While South Africa has no shortage of extremely talented artists, the challenge lies in finding ways for them to use these raw skills to create a better life and a sustainable income. This is where Zizamele comes in.

Zizamele artists create highly sought after and collectable ceramic pieces that can now be found in homes, offices and galleries around the world. Buyers of Zizamele’s award-winning pieces range from the Office of the Premier of the Western Cape to gift shops around South Africa and is increasingly exporting to international stores and galleries.

Zizamele offers two product ranges: Zizamele and Protect Us.

“Protect Us” is a sustainable range of ceramics and textiles which aims to create awareness around the endangered animals of South Africa. Children using our products will hopefully be inspired to protect these animals before it is too late.

The animals in our range are the Riverine Rabbit, the Rhino, the Blue Swallow and the Wild Dog. These are depicted in our designs with the wording: “Protect Us.” Our brand not only aims to create awareness but we also donate a percentage of sales to organizations that are working towards the protection of these endangered species.

Our products are aimed at children and adults alike. The ceramic range consists of bowls, beakers, egg cups and T-light candle holders. The bowls and cups are thrown on a pottery wheel from white earthenware clay. These are then decorated with delightful illustrations of the endangered animals using decals. The egg-cups and T-light holders are slip-cast in stoneware for durability.