Ceramic Painting Studio offering a variety of functional bisqueware

Bisque-bah Ceramic Painting Studio is a welcoming and creative space where anyone can experience the joy of painting functional ceramics.

Situated at Imhoff Farm, the studio offers a wide range of unfired ceramic items that can be painted by all ages – no prior experience is necessary. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to assist and guide you through an immersive and memorable experience. Allow your creativity to run wild and be inspired by the beautiful surroundings on the farm.

Choose as many colours as you wish from the vibrant range of underglazes and enjoy the unique process of painting ceramics in a relaxed environment. All items are painted, glazed and fired on-site with a 2-3 week collection time.

Expressive sessions can be facilitated in an intimate group of 2-10 people. Drop-in painting, workshops and functions are welcome but are subject to seating availability.

The Artist

Owner Louise Casserley is a trained fine artist who has been involved in the African art scene for over a decade. During this time, she developed a passion for the ingenuity of recycled art and is well known for her pieces which can be found in private collections both locally and abroad.

Louise is inspired by nature, animals and the colours and designs of Xhosa and Zulu heritage. With a passion for ceramic painting, Louise developed the ‘Bisque-bah Ceramics’ in-house ceramic range together with her assistant and local artist, Sylvia Ntsinga-Dyonase who has been painting professionally for the past decade.