Pépé at Imhoff


Sampling some of our cheeses (available for tasting and sale at the Free Range Farm Shop) is an absolute must for any first-time visitor to Imhoff Farm! 100% natural and freshly made on the farm, Imhoff Cheese is free of colourants and preservative and made from unpasteurised milk. So your body will appreciate the experience as much as your taste buds!

In production for over a decade, our handmade goat’s milk cheeses are now made from Imhoff Farm’s very own herd of milking goats. As you can imagine, this has only added to their quality and flavour – not to mention their carbon foot print status! The milk from our Saanen, British Alpine and Toggenburg breeds is used to produce a wide range of different goats cheeses.

All of the cheeses are lovingly prepared in the dairy located behind the old threshing floor, under the watchful eye of owner Pépé Charlot. The goats are milked in the parlour next to the dairy from 8am to 9am daily, except during June, July and August when they are on maternity leave prior to kidding. The kids start arriving in August and are kept with their mothers in a paddock adjoining the dairy.