Fever Tree Arts & Crafts

A unique collection of hand-selected African art and crafts

Fever Tree showcases an exciting collection of African handcraft ranging from Zulu beadwork, recycled art and hand-painted ceramics to handwoven grass baskets and traditional cloths.

Each piece is hand-selected by owner and artist Louise Casserley who has an eye for design, detail and quality. Every item is proudly produced in Africa with a strong focus on contemporary South African arts and crafts. Empowering self-taught local artists, Fever Tree assists in enabling a more sustainable way of life through the income generated by their crafts.

Paying homage to traditional styles and techniques, bold colours and creativity collide to create a diverse offering of covetable African art.

The Artist

Owner Louise Casserley is a trained fine artist who has been involved in the African art scene for over a decade. During this time, she developed a passion for the ingenuity of recycled art and is well known for her pieces which can be found in private collections both locally and abroad.

Louise is inspired by nature, animals and the colours and designs of Xhosa and Zulu heritage. With a passion for ceramic painting, Louise developed the ‘Bisque-bah Ceramics’ in-house ceramic range together with her assistant and local artist, Sylvia Ntsinga-Dyonase who has been painting professionally for the past decade.