Horse riding school opens at Imhoff


We are excited to announce the launch of a horse riding school at Imhoff Farm in February 2015.

Instructor Robyne Klerck is qualified in Silversands horsemanship and has 19 years of riding experience. Lessons will be small groups, but will cater to each child individually.

The lesson programme is broken up into 4 sections.

Section One: Riding

In ridden work we will be doing flat work, jumping and outriding with a focus on empathy and respect to the horse. We teach good horsemanship through seat position and correct queues, while learning how to be in balance and harmony with horses.

Section Two: Horse Care

All students will learn how to properly care for horses. This will include grooming, caring for hooves, feeding and nutrition, the theory related to tack fitting and basic horse health care.

Section Three: Ground Work

Ground work lessons will be provided to teach children how to safely train and interact with horses on the ground.  There will be opportunities for working on the line, free liberty work and long lining.

Section Four: Horse Behaviour

All lessons will incorporate some form of horse behaviour. Students will learn about the horse’s body language, behavioural characteristics and how to safely interact with horses.

Lessons will be planned in an age appropriate manner. Basic monthly outline for lessons will be two ridden arena lessons, one outride and one groundwork lesson (age appropriate).

Fees: Lessons will be charged at R200 per one hour session (paid monthly in advance).

At the end of each term there will be a day camp for students. The day camps will be at an extra charge with a letter being sent out in advance including the activities and prices.

For more information, email or contact Robyne on 082 528 8500.

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