Coffee Shop

Free Range Coffee Shop

Our delightful Free Range Coffee Shop is spacious and cosy.

Free Range Coffee Shop Menu

B = Banting, V = vegetarian, V+= vegan



Coconut & apple Bircher muesli V                                                                  R45.00

Chia seed pudding with Activated nuts and seasonal fruit V+                  R55.00

Ricotta and Banana toasts with cinnamon tahini V                                    R55.00

Traditional Farm Breakfast                                                                              R68.00

Sunrise Breakfast/Sunrise Breakfast Wrap                                                  R52.00

Bacon, banana and Bree stack – French toast style                                    R68.00

Pumpkin and cream cheese French toast V                                                  R65.00

Eggs benedict- choose veg, bacon or salmon.                                               R68/R82

done on an English muffin, banting option available B

Green omelette – avo, baby spinach, peas, pesto,                                        R62.00

spring onion & goats cheese V B

Bacon Cheese and Tomato omelette B                                                            R62.00

Spinach, Tomato and Feta omelette V B                                                         R62.00

Banting grilled cheese and tomato with mushrooms V B                           R68.00



Beetroot and Goats cheese V B                                                                        R75.00

Grilled chicken and Avo B                                                                                R95.00

Green bean, asparagus, broccoli, avo, and chickpeas tossed with

parmesan, flaked almond lemon dressing. V B                                            R75.00

Teriyaki Salad – calamari and prawn salad B                                              R120.00


Sandwiches and Wraps

gluten free & banting options available

Chicken, avo and crème fraiche                                                                   R75.00

Grilled zucchini, sundried tomatoes & hummus V                                  R65.00

Skinny tuna  – tuna, avo, light mayo & cucumber                                    R65.00

Beef sirloin lettuce wrap  – done Asian style                                             R75.00



All served with fries, ask for our bunless option

Cheese Burger                                                                                               R72.00

Bacon and Avo                                                                                              R90.00

Fig preserve and goats cheese                                                                    R95.00

Black mushroom burger with mushroom sauce V                                 R68.00


Old Favorites’

Aubergine and brown lentil bake V                                                             R68.00

Sweet potato and chickpea curry V                                                              R68.00

Pie with chips and salad                                                                                 R65.00

Quiche served with salad (ask for the gluten free/veg option)              R55.00


Kiddies – under 12 years

Scrambled egg on toast                                                                                R35.00

French toast                                                                                                    R35.00

Gluten free mac and cheese                                                                        R45.00

Grilled chicken strips and chips                                                                 R45.00

Toasted tuna mayo                                                                                        R35.00

Toasted cheese                                                                                               R32.00

Kiddies Milkshake                                                                                         R20.00

Small fruit juice                                                                                             R12.00