30 South


We create sustainable sunglasses for adventurous lifestyles.

What started as a fun project between two friends has grown into a mission to transform an entire industry. We take responsibility for the environmental impact of our products, prioritizing purpose over profit, and we have taken meaningful steps to make a difference.

Our top-quality sunglasses are made from recycled materials, and we work to reduce our carbon footprint, reshaping the way people view sunglasses.

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30 South was first conceptualized in 2014. Since then, we’ve invested thousands of hours into research, gone through over 200 prototypes, and maintained a single, unwavering goal: to develop technical, performance eyewear that looks stunning and performs even better.

The 30 degrees South line of latitude stretches across South Africa, from the Indian Ocean in KZN to the Atlantic Seaboard in the Cape.

A few degrees on either side encompass the entire country, making 30 South the symbolic centerline of South Africa.

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