Coco & Lace

Coco & Lace …

Located in the old silo tower, this little shop is a real treat!

Delicious chocolates, truffles and pralines are some of their specialities. Hand crafted from raw beans by local master chocolatiers. Chocolates are collected weekly, ensuring they are as fresh as possible. An absolute delight for the chocolate lover.

The main attraction on offer is delicious, freshly scooped, artisan ice cream. Made with real cream and butter and produced in small batches, to deliver a premium quality ice cream that is rich, smooth and decadent.

Look out for these exciting flavours (on rotation): marshmallow fudge, rose delight, mint crisp, cookies and cream, passion fruit and bubblegum.

Finally, there are some beautiful vintage and rustic themed gifts. Also pendants, sunhats, handmade soaps, journals and more.