Eco-Punk Kids Clothing

Comfortable and easy-to-wear clothes for kids who love to imagine, share, explore, discover, dream, grow and love.

All items are locally made, in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa.

Our mission is to make beautiful high quality garments for your children. We believe that clothing should last and be handed down.  Our fabrics are natural, and breathable and Eco Punk children feel the difference between synthetic (polyester, acrylic, nylon etc) and natural fabrics like cotton and viscose.

Eco stands for:

Natural fabrics that are breathable and comfortable.

Punk stands for:

Being an eco-warrior, consciously being aware of how we manufacture.  Our entire range is made in Cape Town, South Africa, as well as all printing and embroideries.

Visit Eco Punk at Imhoff Farm or shop online.

The Team

After working as a Senior Girls-wear Designer at one of South Africa’s leading kids clothing labels, Anke Sheffel founded Eco-Punk Kids Clothing in 2010. Anke is a fierce advocate for the local textile and clothing manufacturing industry and has combined her love of nature and adventure in her clothing design.

After 10 years nurturing the Eco-Punk Kids Clothing range and brand, Anke has turned her focus to an adult range but her patterns, designs and passion have be handed over with love to Kirstin Sham. Kirstin and Anke are collaborating on the 2021 kids range and Eco Punk will always stay true to the original mission to create comfortable, wearable and beautiful clothing for active children.

The Eco Punk team also extends into the various trusted suppliers in the textile and garment manufacturing teams that work with us, they are all South African based businesses and excellent in their various fields of expertise.