New opening: Cittashanti Yoga Studio


There’s a new yoga studio open at Imhoff Farm. Cittashanti Yoga Studio opened its airy open space in January 2016 and offers a community of diverse teachers and styles.

For many years Yoga has held a mystical allure to the mass population. Practiced in forests and ashrams away from the inquisitive eyes of society only added to this mysticism.  In this modern day and age Yoga is finding a forum not only of a small magnitude but has become a truly modern movement, only by practicing this ancient art can one know its potential as it works through experience.

Citta (the mind in its total collective state) Shanti (meaning serenity, peace) is Peace in Mind.  It is believed when the Citta (waves of the mind) has been quietened, the source, creativity, life, intuition or the soul, may be heard.

A Yoga practice helps one tune into this wisdom of the heart & mind, through understanding one self.  Join and share in discovering Yoga at Cittashanti Yoga Studio, located at Imhoff Farm by clicking here for class schedule or contact details.

SPECIAL OPENING OFFER! Pay just R325 per month for unlimited classes.

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