New opening: Marc Alexander Art


Marc Alexander Art recently opened shop at Imhoff Farm.

Marc was born in Pretoria and is best known for his focus on South African heritage and icons such as his many portraits of late President Nelson Mandela.

His portraits are so lifelike that they are often viewed with amazement, especially by those who had known Mr Mandela personally. He is considered one of the country’s emerging investment artists, and has a substantial international following.

Marc works mostly in oils in the style of the traditional realist, but he also enjoys combining the art of gilding and texturing in his paintings. He prefers to paint recognizable objects or elements that can be observed in nature and he aims always to capture and express subjects and themes about our world and the human condition, especially those things that cause us great joy or great sorrow.

Find out more about Marc’s artwork by visiting his website, or contact him directly on

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