The Vineyard

A vineyard on the doorstep of a World Heritage Site, Cape Point.

The Vineyard

A vineyard on the doorstep of a World Heritage Site, Cape Point. Blending, beach, mountains and sea to capture a truly unique wine destination.

Imhoff Farm’s vineyards are a mere 30 kilometres from Cape Point and once producing will offer an exceptional wine destination in the Cape Town Wine of Origin District.

The vineyards boast spectacular views along Long Beach towards Chapman’s Peak and its proximity to the  Atlantic Ocean will most likely have the biggest influence on the style and quality of wine.

Established in 2019, the vineyards are the first to be planted in Kommetjie and form part of a greater vision to establish the Kommetjie wine route which will offer visitors to Cape Point the opportunity to enjoy singular coastal wines en route to Cape Point.

The position of the vineyards make it ideal for cultivars such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and Imhoff Farm hopes to bottle a Methode Cap Classique in 2022.

The vines are planted using the Echalas or ‘stok-by-paaltjie’ technique to accommodate the coastal conditions. This means that each of the 10 000 vines are growing in an optimum environment with equal exposure to the sun, which will encourage the evenness in the grapes.

Its north-easterly slope will further encourage ripening and salt from the sea breeze will enhance the minerality expected from the wine.

The North facing vineyards also have a block of Shiraz planted as a single varietal wine.

The variances in the soil in the area and its unique climate should make for excellent grapes. Sand and rock on clay are prominent and the prevailing winds are form of the south east and north west. Both these winds are responsible to bring cool air form the False Bay and Atlantic sides respectively.

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The Terroir

Sun, sea, sand, clay and mountains.







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