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The Reading Rooster

Family bookstore offering new and used books

The Reading Rooster is a charming bookstore located next to the historic silo tower on Imhoff Farm. Appealing to the whole family, the store offers an array of books for all ages. Reading enthusiasts can look forward to a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction as well as children’s literature.

The shelves are brimming with both new and used books and the team prides themselves on ensuring that all stock is in immaculate condition. The extra effort that goes into sourcing guarantees that the prices are unbeatable – you won’t find a similar offering anywhere else in Cape Town.

Do you have books taking up space at home? The Reading Rooster will buy them from you. Reach out to make an appointment.

The Experts

The Reading Rooster was founded in early 2015 by Luke and Odette, both avid readers and book lovers. Odette’s fondness for Fiction and Luke’s Non-fiction inclination allows them to share a wealth of knowledge about the books they source and stock. Their expertise and command of the literary world ensures that customers always find an engaging read and keep coming back for more.


Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday 09:00 – 17:00

Imhoff Farm